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High voltage capacitors, low current

Tobias Jensen high voltage capacitors type OYB for low current applications have proved their quality over the last several decades. Type OYB is used for low frequency ripple filtering in high voltage power supplies for medical X-ray and scanning microscopes. 

The same basic construction is available without casing for immersion in the oil tank of the power supply

Electrodes of aluminium foil and mixed paper/polypropylene dielectric, mineral oil impregnated (non PCB).

No standard series is available, but we offer solutions based on standard parts ­modular build-up ­ to customers' specifications, enabling us to quote even spare parts at reasonable prices. 

For new projects we often find capacitors in stock that can be used for preliminary testing thus facilitating the initial design stage.

Typical from 10kVDC to 200kVDC with capacitances between 1nF and 1µF.


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